A Spin on the Classic Love Note

When I was dating my husband, I wanted to write a letter to show him how much I cared. Well, we wrote notes All. The. Time. because we started dating in high school and that’s what you do right? At least, back in my day.

So, while I could tell him how I felt, sitting down to write it was way more valuable to me because…

  1. He could always keep those words.

  2. I could take more time to figure out what I want to say instead of blurting it out (like I am known to do).

  3. I could say way more and not have to be there when he saw it. While I love being mooshy, it is a little embarrassing.

So, here’s what I did. I wrote a love note thank you note. Now, this is not the normal thank you note you would send your grandma for getting you a Christmas present or even a friend for a bridal shower gift.

This is a handwritten or typed note that says the same thing over and over……

Thank you for…..

Thank you for…..

Etc. Etc.

I could have said I love you because…. I love you because…. but I did not want to be generic. I have said I love you a million times to him and how often had I said thank you?

I did not realize the affect it had on him. When I gave it to him, he said it meant a lot. Of course, now that years have passed, I realize how much he meant that. I gave the thank you note to him over six years ago and he still carries it in his wallet to this day. He even opens it up and reads it every once in awhile.

Not only that, but since it is sooo old he made a copy. A copy! I actually found that out by asking him to see the original when I started writing this post. This is not just my husband being a sappy sentimental guy.

The reason this thank you note means so much to him is these 5 reasons:

  1. I was acknowledging what he does everyday for me.

  2. I was saying I love you without being lovey dovey. (I was speaking guy talk).

  3. He felt heard in our relationship.

  4. I did not show any desire for him to reciprocate the feelings and did not make him talk about what I gave him. I gave it to him out of the blue, and he read it in private.

  5. I was affirming truth into his heart. He was able to see who I thought he was which allowed him to believe he did those positive things as well. He strives to be the man I thanked in that note.

You don’t know how saying thank you could affect someone!

I made free printables so you can tell your loved one thank you for all they do. It doesn’t have to be a spouse! It could be your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend….anyone who you have something to be thankful for!! This love note doesn’t just have to be for your spouse!

One is blank so you write down personalized thank yous. Two are filled out. One is for a friend (mother, father, brother, etc). The other is specifically for your husband.

I hope this helps grow your relationships the way it helped grow mine. Subscribe to get more ideas just like this one!

And don’t forget if you like it share it for others to see!



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  1. I wrote notes to my husband all the time when we first started dating. I was really bad at saying my feelings out loud.

    In the month leading up to our wedding we texted each other every day with something we loved about the other. I took screenshots of all the texts and saved them. I plan to display them somehow but I’m not sure yet. I might just print them out and put them in the back of our wedding album.

    1. You guys sound just like us! We had the old dumb phones. I hand wrote all our old text messages and made a little “book” out of them. I love the idea of putting them in the wedding album.

    1. Thanks! I hope he loves it! Notes are one of my favorite gifts! Free, sentimental, and show someone how much they are valued!

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