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Hi and Welcome Friend!  Launched as a supportive community of women to encourage and give advice for achieving your goals as a wife or mother, this site is a quickly growing community that will always have room for another friend to join.

In this network of friends, we realize that we are surrounded by little fingers, tiny toes…husbands whose clothes always have that weird stain. (Crayons in his pockets?)…and a drive to be better.  Laundry piled high…dishes stacked a mile high…a husband who showed up home grumpy again?  Finger prints on the wall?  This site strives to be the relaxation break and inspiration you need to keep going while giving advice to help you reflect on improvements. 

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This is your community, and I want it to serve you.  I love hearing your feedback, even if you just want a post about some laughable moments.

About Elizabeth

I’m Elizabeth Wheeler. Creator and writer here at A Wife and A Mother.  I get what it is like to feel overwhelmed with figuring out marriage and parenthood.  Here’s my life and how it led me to start A Wife and A Mother:

My Marriage

Here is a cheesy photo of my husband and I at the first formal “prom” we went to together.  Yes! We are high school sweethearts.  It does not get much more corny than that right?  Just little babies ready to take on the world.  I look pretty similar right?  Other than the 20ish pounds I am heavier there.  Goodness :/.  If I am being honest I chose a picture that doesn’t make me look any heavier.  Anyone interested in weight loss tips?

Well, my husband and I started dating at midnight Christmas morn. (2009).  Then we went to two private, Christian universities.  He went to Taylor University, and I went to Indiana Wesleyan University.  Money was tight, so right before we were married, we transferred to Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, a cheaper option.

We got married on July 6, 2013. (My parents 25th wedding anniversary.)


I started out in nursing.  I was getting a bsn in nursing with a minor in intercultural studies and business administration.  Before I transferred, I realized during my ob and peds clinical rotations that I did not spend enough time with the families and kids.  I decided to become a developmental therapist and earned my B.S. in psychology with a minor in business administration.  I went on to get my M.Ed. in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood. So, I love child development.

Start of Being a Mama

I had Caralyn Hope on May 6, 2016.  You know the feeling of never being so tired and needing “me” time, but continually giving of yourself and not wanting to stop?  That is what motherhood is to me.  I love it.

Starting the Blog

However, since I was always so exhausted and overworked even though I know others do more than me (you guys are amazing), I needed an escape.  I am surrounded by a supportive community of women in the “real” world.  What better way to spend my time in an escape than creating a supportive community of women in the blogging world?  So join me as I hash through what has helped my marriage thrive and what has made my life easier as a mother.