5 Reasons why I hate the Kon Mari Method


A huge crazy cleaning fad started about a year ago about the Kon Mari Method, what brings you joy keep. I tried this with my clothing, and it did not pan out. Here is why I think it isn’t really going to work in the long haul.

Now, if it has worked for you.  I am so glad!  You must have compatible personality or thinking style.  For my family, it just did not work.  However, it was an influence for me to find what does work for my family.  So, let’s get to the root of the problem in my opinion.  Here we are, 5 reasons I hate the Kon Mari Method.

  1. It is rooted in the idea that emotions are how you drive your decisions.

    Here is my biggest problem with Kon Mari Method. Should we decide things based on feelings? Should I buy this car? It makes me happy. Should I jump out of this building? Well I’m sad. All drama aside, when did emotions become a driving force for decisions.

  2. It is not for the frugal.

    I am frugal when it comes to quite a few things. One of which is clothing. I almost always get my clothing from resale shops or at least one a huge discount. I also have not a lot of clothes or clothing that makes me happy. Why? Because I could care less about clothes!

    So, yes, I have a lot of clothing that when I went through to find the clothing that sparked joy for me, I didn’t have enough clothing to wear anymore! I am probably the minority on this. But, to have to go out and buy more clothing is not in my idea of a good plan. I don’t want to declutter to only have to buy a whole much more. It is not practical.

  3. It’s geared towards women.

    So, you go through the Kon Mari Method and get rid of your stuff. Have fun convincing your husband to find what brings him joy with his clothing. Or your sons. I tried to get my husband on board with it, and he did not do it the right way. He didn’t envision or find joy. He found a couple clothing pieces he liked and that was about it. He freaked out about me throwing his stuff away though and way more items found joy than necessary!

  4. It has to be executed perfectly to work.

    Okay, so number two leads me to this one. If you do not do exactly what the method calls for, you are not going to do it right. So, if you have a hard time as a visionary or finding joy in clothing, you fail. Better not do this if you are experiencing postpartum depression. :).

  5. It is set too much about the future and not the present.

    The Kon Mari Method does not work for the here and now. So, I may hate my suit, but it may be the only one I have. I don’t want to get rid of that because I need it for work. Or, I vision what my life will be like, I need to have action steps to get there. I can’t just say I am there right now and get rid of the things I need. If I hate that I watch tv too much, I shouldn’t just chuck the tv. I should slowly change my lifestyle. Not only that, but visions change. Sometimes, I find myself changing even in six months. So, I need to have the items in my life that keeps my life functional and flexible.

So, there you have it. 5 reasons I hate the Kon Mari Method.  What are your reasons for why you hate the Kon Mari Method?  Or why do you love it?  If it wasn’t for reasons Number 1, I may give it a second go.

Until Next Time, Elizabeth

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