Communication is Key

Not every Valentine’s Day can be on a weekend. And not every day can be a day that you or your husband do not work.

Keeping the magic going on Valentine’s Day can be challenging.

You want it to be the best, romantic, sweet day ever.

So, the best way to keep the magic going is to continue communication. If communication fizzles out, so will the romance. No, I’m not even talking about miscommunication  – just being away from each other. We live in a great time where we can communicate at a click of the button. As long as we are intentional, it should easily be a romantic Valentine’s Day no matter were you or your loved one through romantic texts.

Even if your spouse won’t see these until after he gets off work, how nice would it be to see all the sweet things you sent him. He can mull them over on his way home, increasing the excitement for your Valentine’s Day together!

Create Your Own Magic

I recommend sending one an hour to help keep reminding your spouse of you! If you aren’t used to so much texting, it may be good to send one every two hours. The key is to span it out and continually remember to let them know you are thinking of them.

If you have to, set an alarm so you don’t forget. It is easy to think that you should only send a romantic message when you are “in the mood to”. Well, the problem is that that is not how it works. You have to be proactive and create the magic in your marriage and don’t sit back for it to magically happen. It won’t.  Doesn’t the idea of creating magic sound better anyway?  🙂 You are the reason your husband is so twitter-patted – not just a random force of nature that made him love you.  I love that idea.

However, sending multiple romantic texts can actually be difficult to come up with so many ideas. So, I have you covered!

The Romantic Texts List 😉

1.Miss me? Because I miss you!
2. How much longer until I get to see your handsome face!
3. Aww…..I was thinking about how sweet you are to me.
4. I’m so lucky your mine.
5. You are always there for me, and I love you.
6. You are the best man in the world.
7. You are the perfect guy for me.
8. I will never need anyone else but you.
9. You are the best valentine anyone could ask for.
10. This is going to be a memorable Valentine’s Day. 😉
11. Hurry home…:)
12. Today is going to be amazing because I get to spend it with you.
13. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to love.
14. You are the love of my life for the rest of my life.
15. I respect you more than any other man.
16. You are a hard worker. Thank you for everything you do.
17. No one deserves a great Valentine’s Day more than you!
18. I want to make this a Valentine’s Day you will never forget.
19. We are going to have a relaxing, fun day together!
20. I can barely handle waiting for you to come home.
21. I am not sure if you realize this, but you are amazing.
22. Getting ready for you! We are going to have a blast!
23. Thinking of how handsome you were when we first were together, you are still just as handsome today!
24. Prepare yourself for the best Valentine’s Day ever!
25. I want to make today a great day for you because you do so much for me that I want to show you how much it means.


I hope these romantic texts give you some ideas of how to make Valentine’s Day special even when you are away from your spouse.  It is not easy to miss special holidays from being apart. (especially love holidays).  If you liked this post, follow me on pinterest for more ideas.



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